Court Related Assessment Services and Expert Testimony

Correctional Mental Health

Follow @DrJeanStanley Criminal Justice Court Related Services Forensic treatment services includes research, risk assessments, testing (evaluations), treatment, expert testimony, and/or specialized … [Read More...]

Pornography & Cybersex Addiction

Sexual Behavior Treatment

Follow @DrJeanStanley Forensic mental health counselors can also help someone even if they are not involved in the legal system because in some situations, other mental health services cannot deal … [Read More...]

Cooperative Parenting Counseling

Family Law

Follow @DrJeanStanley Divorce adjustment Counseling: Divorce is a pivotal life event that changes the entire infrastructure of the intact family. The effects of separation and divorce on individuals … [Read More...]

Do you need specialized forensic mental health assessment or treatment services? Or, do you need individual, child, family, or marriage counseling? Pathways FMHS offers forensic services and a variety of confidential general mental health counseling.
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