Court Related Assessment Services and Expert Testimony

Correctional Mental Health

Criminal Justice Court Related ServicesForensic treatment services includes research, risk assessments, testing (evaluations), treatment, expert testimony, and/or specialized treatment services to … [Read More...]

Pornography & Cybersex Addiction

Sexual Behavior Treatment

Forensic mental health counselors can also help someone even if they are not involved in the legal system because in some situations, other mental health services cannot deal with someone’s risk or … [Read More...]

Cooperative Parenting Counseling

Family Law

Divorce adjustment Counseling:Divorce is a pivotal life event that changes the entire infrastructure of the intact family. The effects of separation and divorce on individuals and/or children can be … [Read More...]

Do you need specialized forensic mental health assessment or treatment services? Or, do you need individual, child, family, or marriage counseling? Pathways FMHS offers forensic services and a variety of confidential general mental health counseling.
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