Forensic Psychological Services

Court Related Assessment Services & Expert Testimony

Forensic Psychological Evaluations

  • Psychological Evaluations  
  • Psycho-diagnostic Evaluations
  • Psychosexual Evaluations
  • Individual psychotherapy (mental health, substance abuse, process addictions)
  • Retained as trial consultant on alleged child molestations cases.
  • Sentence mitigation evaluations
  • Licensed sex offender treatment provider
  • Pre-trial counseling for sexual behavior problems
  • State Certified Deregistration Specialist (Sex Offender)
  • Research
  • Expert Testimony
  • Consultations

Forensic Treatment Services

Forensic mental health treatment services can vary widely depending on the circumstances of each client. For example, in some cases, court-related mental health services are for people who have mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders and could be, are, or have been a perceived risk of some kind to other people. This risk can sometimes be linked to specific disorders or degrees of intellectual functioning. These forensic mental health clients, juvenile and adult, are usually referred through community agencies such the courts, adult and juvenile probation, and state parole. Forensic mental health professionals have specialized training that helps them offer evidence-based practices shown to be effective in reducing the rate of reoffending, which in turns translates into a positive impact on community safety.