Psychotherapy & Assessment Services

Psychotherapy & Assessment Services

We at Pathways FMHS understand that taking the step to reach out for help from a total stranger requires courage and can be a little scary at first.  So regardless of what brings you to our site, we thought we would just go ahead and give you some insight into what you can expect getting started. 

When you contact Pathways, whether you are seeking assessment, psychotherapy or general counseling services, you will be sent via email a link to the Pathways Patient Portal, where you will establish your secure log in information.  Your portal builds connection between you and Pathways for the exchange of documents in the time leading up to your appointment.  It is critical that you complete the forms you receive and return them to Pathways either through the portal or via email prior to your appointment. 

When your sessions begin, in the first few meetings you and your therapist will exchange information in order to clarify the problems that need to be addressed.  You may undergo a psycho-diagnostic evaluation to assist in clarifying your symptoms, which will in turn help with diagnostic considerations and treatment planning. You and your therapist will work together to identify the goals you want to reach as well as map out some specific strategies to help you achieve those goals or resolve the problems.  A therapist may choose from a wide variety of therapeutic techniques; so your feedback is very important to in determining which of those will be the most useful for you and in making any adjustments to your treatment planning over the course of your therapy experience.  We offer counseling and assessments for children, adolescents, adults, and families.

If you are seeing assessment services, when you contact us, depending on the type of evaluation you are requesting, you will either be scheduled; or your contact information will be given directly to the appropropriate clinican, who will follow up with you to gather more information about your request.  Pathways offers a wide variety of both court-related (forensic) and non-court-related evluations.  Below are some of the non-forensic evaluations.  For list of forensic evaluations available click here.

  • ADHD (T.O.V.A.) Testing
  • Vocational Interest Inventories
  • Functional Behavior Analysis
  • Pre-Bariatric (Weight-loss) Surgery Psychological Evaluations
  • Intellectual (IQ) Testing
  • Public Safety (Suitability to Carry a Firearm)

Please inquire at (936) 238-3868 for more information if the service you need is not specified.

Some of the counseling situations you may need help with could include:

  • Relationships Issues
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Adolescent Issues
  • Alcohol and/or other Drug Addictions
  • Blended Family Issues
  • Post-bariatric-surgery adjustment Counseling
  • Recovery from Sexual or Emotional Abuse
  • Financial Stress
  • Intimacy, Commitment, or Relationship Issues
  • Depression
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Personal Growth
  • Family Functioning
  • Separation, Divorce
  • Thoughts and Feelings about Suicide or Self-harm
  • Grief and Loss
  • Child Behavioral Issues
  • Parenting Issues/Concerns
  • Anger or Thoughts of Violence
  • Anger Management