Abusive Relationship? You decide …..

In some of my reading, I ran across this article written by  and published in psychcentral.com, which spells out some key indicators that an individual may be in an abusive relationship.  One might first think that anyone with a brain should be able to ascertain that, but quite honestly nothing could be further from the truth.  I have both worked with clients and have know others on a close personal level whose experience with a verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual abuser was so common that existing in such hostility simply became their “normal.”  As that “normal” plays out day after day, individuals become more and more dependent on their “person,” make excuses for them, defend them, and eventually disappear into their overwhelming shadow.  Discussing with someone any suspected abuse within their relationship is difficult, sensitive, and sometimes downright off limits.  But the problem is prevalent, nonetheless, so by including this article in my blog, perhaps putting valuable information in front of someone you love may be a little more doable.  I could say so much more, I really could, but for now, if you want to gain more insight on how to recognize abusive behaviors in a relationship, may I suggest that if you take the time to read this article, which, in my opinion is very informative and right on the money based on my experience with clients over the years.