Telehealth Services – COVID-19


With the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), our clinicians have gotten numerous inquiries from existing clients and i have had some online questions as to best strategies for coping with fear, anxiety, or uncertainty caused from changed needed to manage our national crisis.

The terms “social distancing, sanitize, and washing hands” will forever be a reminder of this dark season for our Nation’s history as those recommendations have echoed throughout our households for weeks now.

Children are home from school, many individuals have been forced out of employment, and in regard to when this will end, there are more questions than answers for now. In speaking with our clients, the prevailing theme overwhelmingly is “STRESS and UNCERTAINTY.”

This crisis is a season and it will pass. We will get through this; however, understandably, for now, while having to deal with increased stress, coupled with isolation and adjustment forced by uncontrollable circumstances, it is not unusual for symptoms to develop such as irritability, anger, frustration, relationship conflict, excessive substance use, over eating, high emotionalism, and others, any of which can take a toll when sustained for long periods.

social distancing

Pathways Forensic & Mental Health Services, LLC has provided telehealth services on a limited basis upon request. However, under these crisis circumstances, and in considering the movement restrictions, we have expanded the availability of telehealth significantly by reopening our client portals. Doing so provides access to appointment times available to individuals who feel they could benefit from personal online counseling with the added benefit of holding confidential sessions from the privacy of your home.

Follow this link directly to our portal to choose your time: Once you request your appointment time, we will be notified and a member of our staff will contact you to send you an intake packet for telehealth and provide you with instructions associated with a one-time set up for your online therapy account.

Pathways FMHS accepts medicaid, and most 3rd party insurance coverages and payments can be made by phone via debit/credit card. If you need support, let us hear from you by calling 936-238-3868.